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Globcal International

The world ran out of territory for humanity, now our goodwill ambassadors, sponsors, and benefactors are teaming up with the original human beings to form an international protectorate foundation in the interest of the natural world and the grace of indigenous friends.

What is Globcal International?

Globcal International is a decentralized autonomous international non-governmental, non-state, and non-corporate cooperative enterprise (organization) based in private international law, the law of nations, the law of the sea, common law, the laws of the earth and other international statutory law, that is held, controlled and managed by its members in perpetual benefit to its foundations, stakeholders, members, associates and program registrants. The organization is established and founded by a fellowship (society) of goodwill ambassadors that are recognized individually around the world for their deeds and the titles which they behold recognizing their acts of goodwill and the organization's ethical and moral values. Together in Globcal International our members are engaged in the promotion and formation of benevolent intiatives like international missions with programs and projects focused on creating ecologically autonomous sustainable societies.

During the 70th United Nations General Assembly the organization began the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda as

Corporate and Private Commercial Diplomacy

The Globcal International Diplomatic Corps has over one-hundred international ambassadors from all types of diplomatic disciplines and are available for private contractual engagements with governments, intergovernmental organizations and international agencies. Our ambassadors are available to create, foster and develop relationships with foriegn nations economic development councils by engaging specialists to create the ways and pave the way for individuals, organizations and corporations to establish exempt and preferred legal status. Our Diplomatic Corps (DC) keeps the diplomatic lists of over 150 nations and 2000 international foundations responsible for 9000 authoritative corporations and organizational agencies.

Globcal International has confidentially and privately cemented over fifty new private business and trade developments since we began in 2009 for ourselves and for other organizations. Our ambassadors in their own capacity with the support of our organizational network have also established new non-profits, associations and international programs with their titles in their local communities based on their access to our development network online.

International Civil Society of Benign Non-State Actors

Originally our organization emerged to fill a need for intermediary social networking relationship development, develop social media diplomacy and now over nearly ten years of organization now serves as an incubator and facilitator for the development of international cooperation and sustainable development initiatives with our members, friends and volunteers in many different countries. The organization is registered with the United Nations as an international civil society organization (iCSO) and is involved in partnerships with various branches of the United Nations in their objectives to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the year 2030.

Because of the scope, diversity and range of our interests and work in 2014 we created a new member program to make our own staff and volunteers who act as international goodwill ambassadors more transparent, politically neutral, and corruption resistant; this in turn led to the introduction of a global citizenship registration program in October 2015 as a pre-engagement requisite for all members, which has since been in a transformation to a new type of legal existence involving "non-state citizenship" for all those people who are associated with international efforts towards sustainable development or considers themselves a global citizen under the ideals of the United Nations.

Global Citizenship (Non-State)

The purpose of non-state global citizenship is for individuals to work in service of global humanity and the natural environment without regard of race, politics, religious faith or belief system, despite their nation of consequential origin. Our non-state global citizenship is a secondary citizenship program that provides a legal travel and identification credential as an international civilian service registrant and a support network of ambassadors, consulates and members in absence of their own nation. It can also be used to acquire citizenship in another nation.

Being a global citizen is easy in heart and mind for so many of us (including some of our founders) who love to travel and live abroad as expatriates or visitors of other nations, moreover there is so much to see and do a person would need four lifetimes to do it all. However gaining the freedom, liberty and being respected as a global citizen 'human being' under the 'United Nations Declaration of Human Rights' is not so easy, especially if you are perhaps of a particular national descent, indigenous culture or religious background. Things like opening a bank account, receiving money, working, living and even crossing the border all come into question and scrutiny. Understanding your common law international human rights to possess your fundamental liberties are not automatic or assumed because most people are subject citizens living under their own legal systems that apply expressly to national citizens, so normally they know nothing about your international human rights.

It was agreed by the United Nations in 2015 that an international credential was needed to implement the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and further bridge the gaps that separate our ideals globally as discriminate nations. We introduced our Version 1.0 Registration that October however the project had to be reformed following Brexit and further earlier this year to exclude the nation-state from the equation and now relying on the state to express any interest in the citizen, subject or passport holder first. The updated program is scheduled to be introduced now in September of 2017.

New Non-State Version

The 'non-state' global citizenship development program will continue to take registration applications under the same terms of our beta and our Version 1.0 release for 27 Euros until the form is updated. The new release Version 2.0 will cost $133 US dollars and will include an electronic registry data-card. Since the practical legal system we will need to implement to gain recognition and validity involves extreme vetting, information regarding privacy, DNA, and other biometrics a user controlled data interface that is embedded to the blockchain had to be developed and involves numerous third-party providers the additional time was needed to gain official approval.

The primary difference between v 1.0 and new v 2.0 is that we have added the non-state element and added great number of practical steps to obtain credence, homogulation and apostilles as the most basic features of becoming a global citizen. Also the second version involves legal forms that you can file in your local jurisdiction or actions you can take while living as a member of a nation-state, and also officially involves using Bitnation, cryptocurrency and other forms of creating transactional evidence.

The new development is made to further help inform individual people of their potential, real and inalienable human and civil rights as they may be guaranteed in all nations. The 27 Euro registration resumes publicly on June 29th, everyone who participates in the Version 1.0 portion of the program will be upgraded at no additional charge to Version 2.0.

Globcal International Creed

Above all Globcal International is a voluntary 'civil society' of individual goodwill ambassadors, international civil service employees, authorities, advocates and other public figures engaged together (originally via the social media) to broadly promote the benefits of open borders, laissez-faire commerce, non-state global citizenship, international cooperation, and defend the sovereign human rights of indigenous, aboriginal, Amerindian and Native American peoples. Together through the 'Grace of God' and years of development we collectively understand in heart and mind that all people are equal, sovereign and free of their states inalienably as humans born on the same planet, the laws we created through national and cultural sovereignty are mere obstructions of discrimination that have exceptions and solutions under law; we will follow this creed in our methodology, manifestation and projections in the provenance of our cooperative work.

Some History: A Delayed Reformation and New Start 2013-2017

After having experienced a rough developmental start from 2009 until 2012 under a failed corporate governance system our re-organization in 2013 as a cooperative was obligated to take on a legal standing and create a base for the organization's perpetuity and strength as a firmly established foundation. After several years of hard work with our  members we have succeeded in accomplishing the objectives we created over 49 months instead of the original 30 we had worked into our start-up plan.

Despite our readiness now after adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda at the core of our international work beginning in 2017, we are remaining reserved in completing all of the steps necessary to become more authoritative in our international social development because we are still lacking all of the infrastructure and specialized staff required to bring our efforts full-circle or provide a lasting benefit for more than those we assist through small scale social impact programs through individual staff.

Decolonization of Humanity

As much as we know as individuals that are legally bound under the context of the law in a particular nation through their registered name and legal residence as citizens we are bound to adhere to the governance of the territories in which we exist. As "human beings" we also have inalienable special rights from a number of perspectives including spiritually, divinely, physically, socially and civilly, all of these rights extend beyond those of each of the sovereign nations, to which in essence we all belong. The ideals of these human rights and our power to exercise them are the very essence of life's own ambition and driving force under the laws of nature.

The problem in realizing true liberty in the human condition is that the constitutional laws of the individual nations, the division of power and wealth, along with local administrative laws combined limit our horizons within a particular country, state or region as its subject citizens. Often cultural factors and religious ideals steer the fate and destiny of individuals based in a limited awareness as subject patrons of intolerant idealisms which give rise to racism and discrimination. Rising above the state ownership of its human flock of citizen/taxpayers in a sense is decolonization of the human mind from its state.

Each of use should realize likewise that the only individual identity we normally have as "persons" is based the ideal of our name being registered with and then capitalized upon as if it were the only way to subsequently exist on the planet.

Taking all the Right Steps for 2017-2020

Because so many of our members are from or in the United States and because of the change in governance from a Democratic to Republican administration it was necessary to modify our project to fit under a more pragmatic corporate development lineage based in a private international business model with three foundations instead of one that is based solely in statecraft making.

Inasmuch that we may appear to be an offshore corporation poised to do business internationally we are and will always be a cooperative society and non-governmental organization engaged in human resources and land capital development. The promise of our second version and the advances in digital technology, printing and biometrics allow us to safely proceed throughout 2017 and 2018 to introduce our products and create a sustainable digital sub-economy.

A Civil Corps of Goodwill Ambassadors

To accomplish our goals as an organization to advocate our missions we have over fifty goodwill ambassadors coordinating from around the world involved in a wide-range of programs that have been developed or are actively under development as projects for our start-up phase scheduled in late 2017. Together these prestigious people are responsible for the further development and fruition of our programs with new members.

Globcal International Founders and Members
Founding and Charter Members: Col. David J. Wright, Karen Cantrell, Luis Cruz Diaz, Djordje Marinkovic, Michael Lawrence Sher, Maria Veneke Ylikomi, Nicholas A. Wright, Sonia B. Ceballos, Benjamin Musunza, Frank Ludwig, Meena Persad, James Pennington, Javier Jesus Vazquez, Deborah Levine, and Ike M. I. Khamisani.

Cooperative Members: Dmitri Demidenko, Antonino Francesco Landi, Dr. Abeer Bilbeisi, Milorad Stancevic, Nikija Malialin, Maya-Lís Wright, Sahro Guntato Koshin, Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Ram B Khatri Kshatri, and Col. David Younce.

Associate Members and Volunteers: Angela Benavides Garza, Ibrahim S. Ahmed, Israel Xchel Luna, Daniel Dank, Boban Jovanovic, James D. Garcia, Rene Wydler, Dragan Milenkovic, José Emmanuel Ledezma, Mauricio Martinez, Ricki Landers, Zoran Aleksic, John D'Amanda, Alan Wilson, Arol J. Wright, William Trabacilo, Ricardo Meneses Pilonieta, Somchai Hermann Quint, Irmgard Megens, Lakshmi Krishnakumar, Folu Elegbede, Weber Alexandre, Astrid Franchiska, Francois Franc Verlynde, Emanuel Seretan, Alma Polic, Willis Namara Kabuye, Wakeen Edmonds, Bappusaheb Bhosale, Andrew Williams Jr., and Shamsul Momen Palash.

In Memoriam: Ambassador Dr. Peter James (1957-2012) and Ambassador Dr. Babatunde Bello (1957-2015).